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See how the new tax changes on buy to let properties will reduce your profit and how much tax you will need to pay.

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Buy to Let Restructuring
Increasing rents is a possible solution, but as most tenants are already paying as much as they can afford this will affect your competitiveness in the market. Hopefully you are already getting an open market rent so this would not be a viable option.
Buy to Let Restructuring
You could switch to shorter-term fixed rate deals to get lower rates of interest, although these mortgages carry more risk. They also are expensive and incur costs of arrangement fees, surveyors fees & solicitors costs to the tune of £2,000 per property, not forgetting the inconvenience of this laborious process.
Buy to Let Restructuring
You could place your property portfolio in a limited company structure. You would then pay corporation tax (which is lower) rather than income tax on your profits. You would however incur solicitors, surveyor costs, arrangement fees for the new mortgage (if you can find one) and capital gains and stamp duty taxes. A drawback is that your mortgage options will narrow as very few providers will lend to a company. We estimate the costs conservatively at £3,500 per property.
Buy to Let Restructuring
If your spouse pays a lower rate of tax, you could transfer ownership of one or more properties to them (taking care this does not lift them into a higher tax band). Again, this involves re-mortgaging and the associated costs.


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